Thanks Dr Veronica Rembis for your care during my laparoscopic Total Hysterectomy here in Mérida Yucatán México. Everything went good and your ability to communicate in English was great. I recommend you totally. PAMELA USA

The Ginecologia de Mérida team ensured that I understood all aspects of my surgery and made every possible option available known so that I could decide what was best for me.

I am a native English speaker and my Spanish is not so good but this was not an issue since not only does Dr. Veronica Rembis speak fluent English but she also ensured that there was someone who speaks English in the operating theatre to explain, comfort and answer and questions just before the surgery and an English speaking nurse who was there when I woke up and remained with me while I was in my recovery room.

Now that my surgery is over and I am recovering, I feel better already and confident in my decision since there has been no severe pain or discomfort throughout my experience. I made a follow up visit eight days latet with Dr. Veronica Rembis to remove my stitches. This entire experience has been a positive, stress free and effortless one. I am truly pleased

I highly recommend Ginecologia de Mérida if you require their services for the simple fact that they were exactly what I needed as someone abroad looking for safety, comfort and professionalism.


I would like to write a short statement about my experience with Dr. Navarro when my wife and I had some cosmetic surgery done in 2017. First, I normally do not explain why we were looking into breast augmentation for my wife because it was a sensitive topic, and I wanted my wife to feel comfortable in anything she wore or did not wear. Coming from America we did look at a couple of doctors in the states, but the ones we looked into treated us like a normal cog in a machine that they wanted to keep moving. I am sure they have done so many surgeries that it is old hat for them, but this was our first time and we thought our situation was unique and we wanted someone to sit down and give us the attention we needed to feel comfortable as we were not comfortable with the idea of surgery.


After looking at a few doctors in the states we started looking at doctors in Cancun and around the Cozumel area. While the doctors did give us more attention, they did not come off very confident or experienced. While some of this may be due to communication, there were several points that just brought up red flags like, there is only one way to do this procedure and if we do not do it exactly a certain way, several dramatic side affects could arise. My wife and I wanted breast augmentation but we were not going to a place that knew of only one technique and all round pegs had to fit in the square hole.


We had almost given up on the idea of the surgery, at least for this year, because we had two really big races coming up and my wife could not be recovering and still expect to compete. The problem is my wife is a professional Ironman, and her two big races are the second week in October for the half Ironman in Cozumel, and in November during Thanksgiving is the full 140.6 Mile Ironman that we need to train for year round. We were already at the end of June when we heard of Dr. Navarro, we could not be down longer than 6 weeks if we were to have any chance at our race, and to make this more insane was the fact that Dr. Navarro was in Merida, more than 4 hours from me in a place that I do not know and my Spanish vocabulary does not go beyond 10 simple words. Dr. Navarro took our initial consultation over the phone and listened attentively to our unique situation. There is a fine line between confidence and being conceded, and Dr Navarro is one of the most humble doctors I have ever met while also being able to confidently, without hesitation or resentment, answer each question and concern.


To be more specific, he did briefly give us his extensive medical background when I asked him to elaborate upon it, he told us that while there are many procedures and techniques he is accustomed to because of our unique situation we would need a specific material from Europe and we would need a technique he was experienced with to not only get the best outcome, but also to get the recovery time within one month. Last and most impressive he told us that he would move his schedule so not only could we come down for a one on one (with no hassle if we decided not to go through), but that he could then help us in taking care of the arrangements and

hold an opening to proceed in the same trip should we move forward. Not only did he help us with the issues we had, he was also aware of expenses and told us where we can save money and where we could not and needed to buy the best. We all know time is money, but when you have someone this confident that there is nothing on your end but a win win situation and most of the risk is being taken for a Doctor going out of their way to accommodate you, well it speaks volumes when they make a statement without uttering a word.


Of course we made the trip and had the one on one consultation. There was never a hesitation in this surgeon's pose as he laid out exactly what we needed to do and why each segment of instruction was important. Yes we under went surgery the very next morning, we stayed in the hotel the good Doctor reserved for us. He made a special trip back to the hospital that is close to us and even gave us directions back on our way from the pharamcy, and yes most importantly, for that bold statement that he could in fact have my wife back in ironman training within 6 weeks of following his exact interactions, the one thing we were both sure he was exaggerating one, almost impossible to even conceive the idea that we could undergo ironman training within 2 months of surgery…yes he really is that good, and he has a right to be so confident. My wife was back on the bike after 6 weeks and running with a supper supportive bra within 9 weeks.


Thank you Dr Navarro, not only for your honesty, but for being a damn good doctor…your one of the best and we are both very great full to you!


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